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Data : 12.08.07
[NEWSWIRE] Jejoong medical has launched the electrosurgical device ¡®ZATHA¡¯ series -2012.03.09-
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March 9, 2012 -- Jejoong medical Co., Ltd (CEO: Kim In-Soo), the exclusive exporter
of surgical device & medical film illuminator, presented ¡°launching
of the electrosurgical device ¡®Zatha series (Model name: ZATHA, ZATHA-S) as the new
products of 2012¡±.

Jejoong Medical has been supplying the medical film illuminator ¡®Dilos¡¯ to overseas
medical equipment companies and hospitals since 1998 and it began manufacturing and
supply of ZATHA series that was developed after 2 years of research based on the
accumulated technology of ¡®COVE¡¯, the high frequency electrosurgical unit developed in

ZATHA and ZATHA-S are the PPS (Patient Protection System) electrosurgical devices that
prevent a burn by detecting the contact condition between a patient and a return pad
through the micro pulse detection technology of over 1,000 times per second.

ACW (Arc-Controlled Waveform) technology was exclusively developed for the first time in
the world and it was applied to the device. It allowed to reduce carbonization of skin
tissues, which is the drawback of the existing electrosurgical device, and to minimize
secondary bleeding caused by the tip of electrode.

ZATHA series is suitable for general surgical operation, endoscope, and laparoscope and
it can be used in many departments such as general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery,
otolaryngology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and animal hospital.

Kim In-Soo, the CEO of Jejoong Medical, said ¡°We are supplying our products to domestic
and overseas general hospitals, clinics and hospitals, animal hospitals and governmental
organizations with recognition of high quality and service. And ZATHA series that was
launched this time is expected to receive favorable response not only domestically but

Meanwhile, Jejoong Medical has acquired International Quality Management (ISO 9001),
Medical device International Quality Management (ISO 13485), KFDA Medical Device
Manufacturing Permission (KGMP), and Items Permission for domestic sales and export of
medical equipment. And they are continuing their activities in the world market through
acquisition of Europe CE MARKING (0120).

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